Basic Things You Need To Know When Moving Your Business Process In The Philippines

The Philippines has a proven track record in the industry

The first Philippine BPO company was built in the 1990s. From there other companies whether small, medium or large-scale started to appear abruptly. They mostly provided customer service and admin support. But at the beginning of the 2000s, they started to provide other solutions like sales and marketing, web development, design, writing, accounting, and bookkeeping, etc..

Without a doubt with their over 3 decades of experience, Filipinos are experts when it comes to offshoring and outsourcing.


Metro Manila is not just the place where you can find talents

You can also find employees to other parts of the Philippines like in Visayas and Mindanao who have equal skills and knowledge like those candidates from Metro Manila.

Business process outsourcing or offshoring companies are not just situated in Metro Manila. You can also find offices in other cities like in Cebu (located in the Visayas) and Davao (located in Mindanao).


Shortage in the labor pool is impossible in the Philippines

With its over 100 million population, they produce over half a million graduates each year, and there are also undergraduate people who might also have the basic skills, talents, and attitude to become a successful employee. So there is no doubt that you won’t able to find your ideal talents in the Philippines. You may even have a hard time choosing the right one.


There are many job portals online that can help you find the right talents for you

There are many job portal tools or websites like which can provide you pool of candidates from fields of web development and internet marketing. All you have to do with these kinds of tools is to sign-up, post your job opening ad, then it will be exposed to millions of applicants.