Top 6 Filipino Traits That Will Give You Reasons to Hire Them

  1. Hospitality

    Filipinos are famous in the world for their hospitality. Whether foreigners or not, Filipinos always welcome and greet other people warmly. Filipino home-owners always prepare good food for expected and even unexpected visitors. They are even willing to sleep on the couch and lend their bedrooms for their guests’ comfort and convenience. This trait is necessary for providing excellent customer service.

  2. Flexibility

    Filipinos are flexible, adaptable and fast-learners, which make them easy to be trained. They can excel in whichever industry they choose. They also have the ability to shift from one industry to another. Most of the BPO employees in the Philippines came from different industries. Some of them are artists, performers, healthcare providers, sales agents and security guards who have chosen to change career paths to earn more.

  3. Patience

    Filipinos do not easily give up. There are these former artists, performers, healthcare providers, sales agents, and security guards who experienced challenges while being trained when they become BPO employees since this is not the line of work they used to know. But with patience and being able to accept these challenges, these people were able to pass the training, excel at work, and be promoted.

  4. English Fluency

    English being one of the Philippines official languages makes Filipinos become good speakers and writers of the English language. They were taught to speak in English as early as pre-school.

  5. Familiarity with Western Culture

    Filipinos do not just speak and write the English language. They are also well exposed to Western culture. Filipinos are avid fans of Western films and literature. Go to a theater in the Philippines, and there you would find 2 or 3 Hollywood movies that are showing out of 2 or 3 Filipino movies as well. Go to a bookstore and there you would find 4 sections of shelves of foreign books while there would only be 1 or 2 Filipiniana (Filipino) sections.

  6. Tech Savvy

    The Philippines was once hailed as the “Social Media Capital of the World.” Meaning, Filipinos are always up-to-date and connected to the digital world. This just proves that they are knowledgeable and skilled in the latest trends in digital technology.