Token: Experience Everyday Magic with the Most Useful Ring You’ll Ever Wear

In today’s world, people interact with technology all the time. Though it made life easier and more convenient, it sometimes becomes a bit messy because of codes and passwords. To save ourselves from getting more stress in the modern world, Token replaces the need to carry keys, credit cards, train tickets, and more.

Express your personal style. Choose from three available finish – Sterling Silver, Black Rhodium, and Rose Gold. Token is available in 7 sizes so you can select the most comfortable fit. It comes with a sleek wireless charger that also works as a ring stand.

Token is one way to securely access everything. You can now make payments seamlessly by tapping at any NFC contactless payment device with your MasterCard or Visa, lock and unlock your door when paired with Token Home Lock Kit, unlock your car with the touch of your hand, say goodbye to your access card and gain access to your office and more, get instant transit access so you can get where you’re going, faster, and bring an end to passwords, and instead let you use the most unique password in the world: your fingerprint.

Token was designed with an extreme focus on both form and function. Not only that, it’s easy to set it up in just 3 quick steps. It’s waterproof and stays fully charged for two weeks. This is the most useful ring you’ll ever wear. Experience freedom, magic, and total peace of mind with Token.