Techy7: Our Story

Well as much as we would like to tell you that our story began if a bite of a radioactive spider, the awakening of some dormant mutant genome or being kidnapped and forced to make an armored super suit; the beginning of Techy7 is a little bit more humble.

Quite similar to the story of popular Superhero groups though, this group was formed when a need was identified. Starting as a passion project in 2016, a group of digital and marketing professionals came together with a simple goal – to provide an avenue to startups and established businesses alike to tell their story on the digital platform. With new technologies out there constantly being developed, we at Techy7 enables you to take full advantage of these through our top-notch digital marketing techniques that are sure to transform your business and allow you to keep up in the race within this digital age.

Even now, Techy7 is slowly and steadily taking a firm foothold on both the international and global scene giving top-notch service that is tailor fit to the needs of our clients. Not only do we give a platform for your stories to be told, but we also present a wide array of services at your disposal partnered with unparalleled solutions and quality. So if your need is software innovation, strategic and measurable methodologies, then we’re the team that you need! Your Techy7 experience is just a click away!