Trainstation Has Collaborated With Techy7 To Create Their Main Webpage

Trainstation is a company that provides training, mentorship, and consultancy for programs such as self-improvement, communication, professional development, management, and leadership.

They offer these programs to any companies from different fields and industries. Some of their clients include but not limited to Accenture, Avida, BPI, Canon, Chowking, Globe, Google, Greenwich, Insular Life, Microsoft, Philip Morris, and Unilever. The company founded in 2011 and has offices in the Philippines, Singapore, and Hong-Kong. In the Philippines, their office is located in Ortigas, Pasig City which is one of the most important central business districts in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Other than serving corporate companies, Trainstation has also provided a unique seminar for the youth of Marawi. The seminar was spearheaded by a government agency called the National Youth Commission (NYC). The aim of the seminar is to help the youth in doing their part in rebuilding their community that was once destructed by a five-month-long war.

Trainstation’s approach is through Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). In layman’s term, NLP is a technique wherein you change someone’s thought and action to achieve a particular goal.

One thing that Trainstation and Techy7 have in common is that they are both versatile. They can both serve clients from diverse fields. Techy7 can provide hosting, content, and design for financial institutions to beauty products. That’s why Trainstation chose Techy7 to create their main website.

Techy7 provided the website’s design, hosting and content. The design of the website is simple with similarities to Techy7’s website. The contact number of Techy7 can also be found at the bottom of the website, one sign that Trainstation is a proud partner of Techy7! Visit them at